Taking safety as one of its core values, SOTEC considers the health and safety of employees, contractors and stakeholders as an absolute priority in any of its activities.

SOTEC pursues a consistent safety, health and environmental policy, committed to implementing all safety requirements and standards for workers at all levels, with the ultimate goal of reducing Minimize hazards and risks of injury, occupational diseases and environmental incidents from the workplace.

Besides, we are also aware of the importance of business activities associated with environmental protection, towards sustainable development, and demonstrating responsibility towards society and the community. The application of the international standard ISO 14000 Environmental Management System is an affirmation of the commitment of the Company's leadership as well as all employees to implement the set environmental policy.


Protect, promote and improve the health and wellbeing of employees

Minimize and manage occupational exposure for all employees

Minimize adverse impacts from your activities on the host community

Provide a work environment where all employees can work safely and understand their rights and obligations for a safe workplace

Promote the reduction and prevention of pollution, efficient use of natural resources and energy and protection of biodiversity

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