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In operating power plants and industries, system maintenance is one of the most important tasks and must be performed regularly to ensure stable and continuous operation of the system, especially For factories with high intensity and almost non-stop operation. Sotec provides periodic and long-term system maintenance and service packages to increase system safety and enhance customer peace of mind during their operations.

Sotec’s maintenance and repair services include:

  • Inspect and maintain gas turbines and steam turbines at power plants
  • Maintenance and repair of boilers and heat recovery furnaces
  • Periodic maintenance and preventive maintenance of systems and equipment in power plants.
  • Equipment calibration services (pressure/pressure difference measuring equipment, temperature measuring equipment, flow measuring equipment, level measuring equipment…)
  • Loop testing service
  • Periodically clean the equipment system
  • Providing technical solutions to increase the reliability of equipment, systems, etc., ensuring the Plant operates safely and economically.

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