Commissioning and Operation

With a team of commissioning personnel including experienced experts and engineers with high professional qualifications and in-depth training in power plant management and commissioning activities, we have proven Demonstrate your ability to participate in the testing and commissioning process to ensure the factory's equipment and systems are in the best operating condition. In addition, Sotec will also support customers in completing acceptance procedures and documents in accordance with current Vietnamese regulations as well as meeting international practices.

     We develop commissioning plans that adhere to proven processes and procedures, including:

  • Plan a test run
  • Review the project safety plan
  • Prepare technical data records
  • Perform operability assessment and test run
  • Develop testing standards
  • Implement commissioning processes/procedures
  • Go through a walkdown and make a system punch list
  • Verify the system
  • Collection of data and specifications
  • Initial operation


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