Supply and installation of Equipment and Materials

SOTEC specializes in providing high quality materials, equipment, and components for industrial plants that require high quality standards, especially power plants. We also directly perform installation, operation, warranty and other after-sales services for the machinery and equipment provided.

Some supplies and equipment in Sotec’s product list include:

  • Supply of machinery and machinery systems and inspection.
  • Providing F&G detectors and PAGA systems.
  • Providing measurement equipment, cables, and auxiliary materials for installation, construction and test run support.
  • Design, supply and installation of cooling towers, air tanks, cooling pumps and piping systems
  • Supply and installation of air pipe systems, compressed air tanks, installation of compressors, dryers, and air filters
  • Design and supply pipes, valves, electrical cables, electrical cabinets and other equipment.
  • Supply of materials and equipment, electrical busbar system, installation and test run
  • Providing materials for Hydrogen gas systems to cool generators of thermal power plants.
  • Provide cable tray ladder
  • Providing materials for measurement and control systems
  • Design and supply explosion-proof connection boxes
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