23/04/2024 - 02:13

With the attention and direction of the Company’s Board of Directors, on January 31, 2020, Sotec Trade Union organized the first Spring trip of the year for employees at the Huong Pagoda cultural and religious complex, Bac Ninh in a happy atmosphere. Looking forward to starting a successful new working year.


Going to pagoda at the beginning of the year has become a traditional beauty of Vietnamese people in general and of Sotec staff in particular. The pagoda ceremony at the beginning of the year is a meaningful spiritual culture of every Vietnamese person. This is the moment when people leave behind all the worries and chaos of a living life, to immerse themselves in the pure space of the sacred place and make their hearts become light and peaceful.

Each person who comes to the Temple has their own wishes, but besides their own, there is something in common that all Sotec members wish for – that is to wish the Company to grow stronger, develop and achieve many new successes. . Everyone believes that a successful new year will come to the Company with sincere prayers to reach the divine.

Here are some pictures of Sotec staff’s Pagoda ceremony and spring trip:

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